Buying the Right Size Vibram FiveFingers

For those of you that missed my dismal post on receiving my first pair of Vibram FiveFinger Bikila running shoes only to find out they were too big you can check it out here. I knew buying online was a gutsy move, but I didn’t have any other option. Thankfully, I wacomparing fivefinger bikila sizess able to reorder my VFFs in what I hoped to be the right size, get them shipped to a friend in New York, who brought them down to my little Caribbean island for me. She also took the too big Bikilas and will return them to the store for me. Thank goodness for good friends who facilitate cheaper shipping. Talking about the best football prediction sites.

When I pulled out the new FiveFinger Bikilas from the box I was immediately nervous. They were a size 38, two sizes down from what thetried and true official sizing method indicated I wear. They looked really small. Before I even tried them on, I grabbed the size 40 Bikilas which were sitting nearby. Sure enough, two sizes down is a lot smaller. ‘Breathe,’ I reminded myself. I did, after all, measure how much distance there was left in each toe of the size 40 FiveFingers to determine if I needed one size down or two. After a thorough comparison of the two sizes I took the plunge and pulled my foot on in.

As with the size 40s, I didn’t feel much of a struggle to put on the 38s. I voice this to my husband who, without missing a beat,  tells me I have nimble toes. I smile and pull the shoe the rest of the way on. With my heel situated back in the cup, I stand up. As expected, my big toe on my right foot, which is my longest foot and longest toe, is pressed right up on the edge. I am pretty sure that it is a touch too small on that one toe, but only just barely. The rest of my toes fit comfortably in the toe-pockets, despite the fact that they don’t come all the way up to the front edge. I think, as regards my right foot, it is a good balance between being snug on my big toe, but not ridiculously long on the rest of them. The left foot, however, fits exactly like I imagined it should. Exactly the right distance on the longest toe, and the rest just fall into place without a second thought.

Feeling the difference between the fit of the two shoes I let my right foot squirm around in the shoe, pushing the boundaries and checking the flex of the shoe. It is a touch uncomfortable, but only just barely. I hem and haw over whether to return these and get one size up, when my husband bends down, presses on my toes, demands I push my heel to the back of the shoe, checks again, has me shove my toes to the front, checks again, tells me to walk around the living room, jog from the living room to the kitchen, and on and on. I felt strangely like a kid in the shoe store with my Dad. Anton delcares, “I think these FiveFingers fit fine. Besides, you can’t put off writing that blog forever.” I love my husband.

So here it is, now that all is said and done I’ve got a pair of size 38 Vibram FiveFinger Bikilas and I am happy.

I actually went for my inaugural FiveFinger run, and everything felt pretty good. It is amazing how much easier it is to omit a hard heel strike when barefoot or in FiveFingers. For anyone struggling with proper form, I think these shoes are worth a try. I did 4 kilometers at a park near my house and only got a few stares more than normal. (Being a white woman on a Caribbean island I am used to the stares… they are just not normally directed at my feet.)

I know the importance of starting slow in adjusting to minimalist running. I definitely listened to my body, kept a fairly slow pace, and stopped at the first sign of resistance from my body, which came in the form of a twinge on the outside of my left knee, somewhere I have never experienced pain before. Overall the Bikilas made me feel light on my feet and I thoroughly enjoyed the run. I am happy to report that my toes felt fine, although I did wind up with a tiny blister on the heel of my right foot, which has all but disappeared now, 35 hours later. Tomorrow morning I will take my FiveFinger Bikilas out for their second time and see how they do, but for now I am pleased with their addition to my running world.